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About Us

Execon is a Canadian roofing and solar company. We offer solar and roofing options to home and business owners in Eastern Ontario. Established in 2010, Execon has developed an expertise in solar development that is second to none. In 11 years we’ve covered hundreds of buildings with asphalt/steel roofing systems and installed over 25,000 solar panels. As early adopters of renewable energy, Execon has constantly been on the leading edge of ever-evolving new practices, products and policies. Working alongside the Canadian Renewable Energy Association, as members, we are helping pave the way for the green-collar sector in Ontario. Our work with home builders designing and installing solar systems for Net-Zero Homes has put us in a unique position to offer solutions both in front of and behind the meter to make any home, whether it be a new build or a retrofit, more affordable, comfortable and better for the environment.

We bring the expertise of guiding the home or business owner through the process of benefitting from municipal, provincial and federal programs. This often takes collaboration with the hydro provider, city officials and the electrical safety authority. Execon provides a turnkey solution so the end-user can rest assured they are receiving the most up-to-date project management and technologically available software in the ever-evolving cleantech industry.

Our team of technicians, designers and installers allows us to offer renewable energy solutions at a better economic value than any form of conventional energy. You can bank on Execon’s reputation, experience and team for all your renewable energy requirements.

Our Mission

Our mission is to modernize our community’s electrification. With an increasing need for clean and sustainable energy, we are able to design and fulfil our client’s needs. Every customer gets an in-depth education on how to combat climate change and their electrical dependency. By offering high-quality and excellent valued solar systems, we can help reduce the burden on our customers’ wallets and the planet.

Our 6-step process includes; modelling and compiling data of your electrical consumption; using that data to create a 3D design of a solar system for your home or business; determining the best product and design to suit your needs; an application process and other engineering needs; installation of equipment and electrical connection; finally, the commissioning of the system and monitoring setup.

We pride ourselves in being leaders of the industry in our Nation’s capital. We have travelled across Canada installing solar on multiple public and Indigenous communities, and many private developers have used our solar installation knowledge and efficiency to complete projects with time constraints.

About Execon Roofing and Solar

Meet Our Team

Meet the core Execon team, Mike, Dave, and Chris, who make the roofing and solar possible.

Mikael Gauthier
Mikael GauthierFounder
Mikael Gauthier is the Founder of Execon Roofing and Solar. He started Execon in 2009 and has more than a decade of roofing and solar experience.
Dave Brisebois
Dave BriseboisManaging Partner
Dave Brisebois is the Managing Partner and has been with Execon since the beginning and has 14 years of roofing and 11 years of solar experience.
Chris Meechan
Chris MeechanSolar Consultant
Chris Meechan is Execon’s Energy Consultant. Born in Glace Bay Nova Scotia, Chris has more than 7 years of experience in the solar energy sector.

Recent Works

Our team of solar and roofing installation experts has been installing solar and re-shingling roofs with over a combined 30-years of experience.

Expert Partners Agree

“It is my pleasure recommending Execon Roofing as a company to do business with. Execon and Bytown have a great relationship and we are pleased to have them as valued clients. According to our customers, Execon Roofing has provided them with exceptional and affordable services, and they come highly recommended. Mike and Dave are indeed professionals with a fun and easy approach.”


“As a steel roofing and siding manufacturer, Ideal Roofing is always looking for quality installers. Execon Roofing & Solar has demonstrated great knowledge and skill when installing our products. Dave & Mike are very professional and a pleasure to deal with.”


Trusted Partners

Execon Roofing and Solar is proud to be partnered with dozens of organizations in the renewable energy and roofing sectors who help make our work possible.

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