How It Works

Understanding solar and dispelling myths

How solar works in Ontario

Net Metering is Ontario’s incentive for homeowners who want to save money by integrating their solar systems with the electrical grid. Net Metering is a billing mechanism used by Hydro Ottawa and Hydro One to allow you to offload your excess energy back to the grid in exchange for a credit. During the summer months, the system will produce more energy than you need to use, and by doing so, you will provide the grid with electrical credits that you can use at a time when the panels are producing little energy such as at night or during winter.

To enable Net Metering, a bidirectional meter must be installed by respective utility companies, which will measure the consumption and production of your system in real-time. Solar production will only credit the variable costs of electricity on your bill, and the fixed costs of being connected to the grid will still apply. Learn more about solar energy from our consultant Chris Meechan, who appeared on Rogers television.

Net Metering for Homes

Our Process

Wondering how to get our panels on your roof? Below, you will find an abridged version of a typical installation process.

1. Contact Us

Using our contact form, reach out to our team by providing your contact information, address, and at least one hydro bill. Will your energy consumption change shortly by adding a heat pump, an electric vehicle, or a hot tub? Let us know here!

2. Remote Assessment

Using satellite imagery and proprietary technology, our expert designers will measure your roof, assess tree placement, and use local environmental data to create a free 3D design and proposal for your home or business. Equipment will be chosen based on engineering needs, system capacity, reliability, and even aesthetics.

3. Site Visit

Along with the proposal, an Execon solar consultant will reach out to schedule a site visit. This is to locate critical infrastructure like your energy meter and electrical panel, to ensure that our proposal measurements are accurate, and that there are no cost overruns. Following the visit, a hydro connection request will be submitted to your utility company on your behalf, completely free of charge.

4. Permitting

With your green light, we collect a small, refundable deposit, then begin the permitting, inspection, and ESA approval processes on your behalf. It’s that easy.

5. Installation

Over the course of roughly two weeks, our team delivers building materials to the site and installs your solar system while our electrician partners complete the wiring and electrical panel connections for you. The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) conducts two inspections to ensure adherence to the proposal and relevant laws and regulations. It is only during this step that we collect the bulk of the payment.

6. Commission

Execon commissions your system and conducts an in-house inspection. The remainder of the payment is only due once your system is online and monitored according to all promised specifications. That’s our commitment to excellence.

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