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Britannia Heights, Ontario

Located in Ottawa’s beautiful west-end, the Britannia Heights system is a very unique solar array. With the property having stunningly tall trees of over 30 metres, the solar panels had to be placed strategically to receive the most amount of sunlight. The 20 panels were installed on the south and south-west facing sections on the uniquely shaped roof, giving the system a lego-style look to it.

The Britannia Heights solar system will produce over 6,100 kilowatt-hours every year. An impressive number for just a 6.8-kilowatt system. Most of this production will be achieved during the summer months as the shading from the trees will cover much of the panels from the late fall to early spring. The Britannia Heights system might be small, but it is mighty by offsetting 50% of the home’s annual energy consumption.

Project Details


April 28, 2021


6,177 kilowatt-hours




6.8-kilowatt solar system

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Execon Roofing and Solar Britannia Heights
Execon Roofing and Solar Britannia Heights
Execon Roofing and Solar Britannia Heights

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