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Manotick, Ontario

Located right on the Rideau River in Manotick, the Millview Passive House is owned by an Ottawa environmentalist named Bruce Fanjoy. Bruce developed the Millview Passive House as a carbon-neutral, net-zero home for him and his family. Of course, no net-zero or carbon-neutral home is complete without an equally impressive solar array to guarantee the house does not produce CO2 emissions through heating or electricity, and that’s what Execon Roofing and Solar provided.

The 33 solar panels were installed neatly on the south-west facing section of the roof for maximum sunlight exposure. The annual production of this system is 13,304+ kilowatt-hours, offsetting the home’s energy needs by 117%. That’s no spelling error, the home and the system are so efficient the panels will produce excess energy every year, making it a true net-zero home. The property itself also has an excellent view of the old Manotick Mill which is a historic site in Ottawa.

Project Details


September 30, 2020


13,304 kilowatt-hours




11.1-kilowatt, Net-Zero solar system

Project Gallery

Execon Roofing and Solar Millview
Execon Roofing and Solar Millview
Execon Roofing and Solar Millview
Execon Roofing and Solar Millview

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