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Rideau Valley, Ontario

A complete roofing and solar installation completed by Execon Roofing and Solar on a brand new home build in Rideau Valley, just south-west of the Ottawa Airport. Before any solar panels could be installed, the roofing and the shingles needed to be laid down accordingly. Over 250 square metres (3,000+ square feet) of shingles and key roofing material needed to be laid down before the solar system’s racking could even go up.

Once the roofing was complete, our team was able to work on installing the 43 solar panels that make up the impressively large 16-kilowatt system. With these panels being placed on both the southwest and south sections of the slanted roof, the system is capable of producing over 17.500 kilowatt-hours of renewable energy every year. Our progress pictures show just the impressive scale of the roofing and the panels that were successfully installed by the Execon team

Project Details


August 15, 2019


17,548 kilowatt-hours




16-kilowatt solar system

250+ square metres of shingles

Project Gallery

Execon Roofing and Solar Rideau Valley
Execon Roofing and Solar Rideau Valley 4
Execon Roofing and Solar Rideau Valley 2
Execon Roofing and Solar Rideau Valley 6

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