Solar in Embrun

Unique Solar Panel System in Embrun, Ontario

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Embrun, Ontario

This home was born for solar. Located about 45 minutes south of Ottawa in Embrun Ontario, sits this wonderfully and uniquely crafted solar array. It’s 40 solar panels will provide the home with over 18,000 kilowatt-hours of renewable energy every year, offsetting a large portion of the homes’ annual energy costs.

As a 15.3-kilowatt solar system, the panels had to be strategically placed as to fit the unique dimension of the roof, as well as to work around a pair of skylights on the southern most section of the house. This actually prevented us from being able to place the numbers of panels we would normally install, but luckily for us, the house is almost perfectly south facing making production year-round consistent and reliable for a large home.

Project Details


February 21, 2022


18,250 kilowatt-hours




15.3-kilowatt solar system

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