Greely, Ontario

We sat down with one of our customers, Bill Kelly, and had a very heartfelt conversation with him about his story in the energy industry and why he ultimately picked Execon Roofing and Solar to install solar on his new home when he moved to Ottawa from Dallas, Texas.

We asked Bill to tell us more about himself.

I’m Bill Kelly, I emanate last port of call is Dallas, Texas. We’ve been here in Canada since 2018. We followed our son up here and have become immigrants to Canada. We’ve had solar on our home since late 2020, early 2021.

While Bill lived in the States, he had solar on homes there and now in Canada, we asked him what it’s like to have energy independence.

Having energy independence feels like owning your home instead of renting your home. There’s a reason that a lot of people work very, very hard and give a huge part of their salaries so that they can own a home as opposed to being renters. The same is true with solar.

If you own your source of energy, then you have complete control over all of the things that having energy can give you. For example, we have a water distiller. We drink distilled water. It uses a lot of energy. We don’t care. We have two electric cars. We never have to go to a gas station unless we’re really desperate, a long ways away from home and need to wash our windshields.

Having that energy independence is having independence. It’s being liberated from the stresses of what’s your electric bill going to be next month. And when you see a policy changing that’s going to – or the power company telling you they’re going to raise prices, you don’t care. I mean, you care because you empathize with your neighbours who don’t have solar.

We installed Bill’s solar system during the early winter of 2020-2021, we asked him what it was like having solar during the wintertime.

We had our system completed in the middle of the winter with lots of snow around, even under those circumstances. We were able to generate enough electric to offset most of that month’s electrical usage.

We also asked Bill why he chose us over other solar installers in the Ottawa area.

I picked Execon over other solar companies largely because of my background in solar. I understand that it’s very difficult to be a residential solar installer. You want to go with the business with which has the most likelihood of being successful in the long term, because your solar panels are going to last you about 40 years, and long term is meaningful.

Learn more about Bill and watch his full story on our YouTube channel!