Ottawa, Ontario

In the fall of 2021, we had a conversation with Denise Eisner, one of our solar customers who purchased a solar system for her home in the summer of 2021. Denise’s home is located near the Civic Hospital in Ottawa and was built over 90 years ago. Her journey with solar started 15 years ago and finally came to fruition when she met with our team.

Denise Solar Story

When we sat down with Denise, we asked her when he journey with solar started:

“We started looking into solar panels for our home around 2007. Which is around the time when people started hearing more about global warming and climate change. And when we looked into it, it was very expensive. So but it was really important to us. It was important for us to think about doing things to reduce our footprint more than what we were already doing. And so we looked into it again this year (2021) and we were amazed by how much the prices came down.”

Solar Stories - Denise Eisner

We also asked Denise why having powering her home with solar is important to her:

“It’s really important for us to power with solar in that the more we have one; independence that really appeals for us, especially when we can add the storage capacity. But the other big thing is that it’s actually a very straightforward process and we’re collecting energy for free. That’s a very simple thing for us to kind of get our heads around as to why you’d want to do this.

But really, it’s also important for us to take responsibility for what we’re doing with our energy usage. And I think for a lot of people, it’s just a matter of not realizing solar has become very affordable. It’s an easy process to go through, and companies like Execon can walk you through some of the – some of the different steps you’re going to have to go through in order to get it licensed and inspected, but they can walk you through that, and it makes it really, really easy once you know you’re working with somebody you trust and Execon has been great in that regard.”

Learn more about Denise and watch her full story on our YouTube channel!