Carleton Place, Ontario

In this Solar Story, we sat down with Michael Moy, who had solar panels installed on his roof by the Execon Roofing and Solar team in the early fall of 2021. Michael was originally born in China, moved to Venezuela at the age of seven, then moved to Canada in his mid-twenties. He truly has a remarkable story with solar energy.

Michael Moy Solar Story

The first question we asked Michael was how did it feel to have energy independence with solar:

Having energy independence, I think for me, it is important that it helps the environment in a way that, you know, to minimize the carbon footprint, but also financially, I think as all the utility is growing or getting higher is to be able not to depend on that down the road for myself and my wife, my family.

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We also asked Michael what it was like to work with Chris Meechan and the Execon team:

Working with Chris Meechan at Execon, I found the whole experience very educational. He is very caring about and has a passion about renewable energy and solar. So even though I did a lot of research about renewable energy and everything, he actually helped me make my decision sizing the array and different options that Execon can offer and how also the government grant applied to the consumer as well. So I think overall, the experience has been great. They’ve been very responsive to my questions and concerns over the whole process.

So I feel that their level of professionalism is great and they’re very knowledgeable about solar panels they’re passionate about renewable energy. And the one thing that also made me feel a lot more comfortable as well is that the Execon team is also conducts roofing services as well. So they understood my concerns about making sure that it’s not extra holes on the roof. And if that is, then how what they approach in sealing them. So that made me really feel good, especially since I just got recently new shingles installed on my roof. So that level of knowledge on installation and the recommendation and sizing is just phenomenal. So it was a pleasure to work with them on these projects.

Learn more about Michael and watch his full story on our YouTube channel!