Westport, Ontario

The village of Westport Ontario, home to just over 600 residents, is adding a new, and truly environmentally friendly development to its places to live. Westport, Ontario will soon be home to Canada’s first-ever Net-Zero community. Each home in the community is being carefully crafted by Land Ark Homes to be fully Net-Zero with energy-efficient upgrades as recommended by our partners at Homesol Building Solutions and by the addition of solar panels on each home as designed and installed by Execon Roofing and Solar. There will only be 25 homes built annually to manage sustainability and scalability in the Westport Village.


The homes being built are Net-Zero as mentioned, but what does Net-Zero really mean? A Net-Zero home is a home that produces the same amount of energy that is uses every year (in a environmentally friendly way), thus offsetting any CO2 emissions the home will produce in a year or during the construction phase. The Net-Zero homes in Westport will include:

  • Solar panels to provide renewable energy year-round – designed and installed by Execon Roofing and Solar

  • High-efficient windows to prevent heat loss during the winter and cool air escape during the summer
  • Battery backups for extra energy storage and electric vehicle charging
  • Walking distance to many resources like the pharmacy and grocery store

“It’s the walkability to the medical clinic, it’s walkability to the pharmacy, the grocery, the library, the brewery and the winery,” he explains. “And that type of walkability is where everything is point seven of a kilometre from the entrances to this community.” – Stephen Rolston, Owner of Land Ark Homes

Learn more about the community being built in Westport from CTV News – Ottawa. Execon Roofing and Solar is proud to be installing solar panels for Canada’s first every Net-Zero community!