Why Choose Us

Excellence is far more than a part of our name – it’s in our DNA. Let us show you why

Are you interested in solar energy for your home or business?

Let’s talk numbers

When designing proposals for our customers, our attention to detail is unparalleled. From snow loss to tornados, we’ve spent over a decade gathering data unique to Eastern Ontario. We strive to create solar advocates by ensuring that the numbers we show you accurately represent what you’re going to see on your hydro bill each month. No costly surprises, ever.

We make it easy

Our solutions are turnkey. The process can be complicated, but we handle it for you. The price shown in all proposals includes all permits, inspections, ESA electrical requirements, connection requests, our exceptional warranty, and a new bidirectional energy meter for all installations. We also help our customers navigate current grant and loan processes for a painless funding process. Except for a small refundable deposit, we don’t take your money until our panels are on your roof and working for you.

Our reputation precedes us

Execon never subcontracts. It’s simple: nobody does solar better than we do. It’s no surprise that our installations can be found on homes built by Minto and Urbandale across the province. For the fifth consecutive year, we are proud to provide sustainable energy solutions for the CHEO Lottery Dream Home. From research stations near the North Pole all the way to your backyard, Execon has been trusted to electrify Canada for over 13 years.

Our commitment to quality

We are so confident in the quality and durability of our products that all of our panels come with a 25-year power output warranty backed by our comprehensive workmanship assurance. Our all-black components mean that you can expect an aesthetically-pleasing installation that will raise the value of your home and impress your neighbors, all while saving you money. However, quality is far more than the cutting-edge products we offer: it’s also in our expertise. Our installation crew, led by Execon co-founder Dave Brisebois, has installed over 43,000 solar panels for nearly 500 commercial and residential customers. In addition to solar energy, Dave’s intimate knowledge of roofing has allowed Execon to develop a proprietary critter guard system which now comes standard on all of our installations. Whether it’s installing, servicing, or upgrading systems, our experienced crew does it quickly and seamlessly.

We live and breathe green

Since its inception, Execon has been involved in shaping Canadian green energy policy and certifications. Notably, in 2021, we participated in the creation of a Solar Installation Planning & Decision Guide for the Natural Resources Council of Canada. We are also certified by the Canadian Home Builders Association as a Net-Zero builder and renovator, and the only renewable energy contractor recommended by the City of Ottawa’s BetterHomes green loan program.

Don’t take our word for it – ask our clients

If our perfect 5-star review score and our A+ BBB accreditation haven’t swayed you yet, hear directly from our customers. Sit down with Bill, Denise, and Michael, who wanted to share their stories with Execon, and learn how we go the extra mile.

In this Solar Story, we sat down with Michael Moy, who had solar panels installed on his roof by the Execon Roofing and Solar team in the early fall of 2021. Michael was originally born in China, moved to Venezuela at the age of seven, then moved to Canada in his mid-twenties. He truly has a remarkable story with solar energy!

In the fall of 2021, we had a conversation with Denise Eisner, one of our solar customers who purchased a solar system for her home in the summer of 2021. Denise’s home is located near the Civic Hospital in Ottawa and was built over 90 years ago. Her journey with solar started 15 years ago and finally came to fruition when she met with our team.

One of our customers, Bill Kelly, gave a very heartfelt testimonial on solar energy and why he selected Execon Roofing and Solar as his choice to install solar on his new home when he moved to Ottawa from Dallas, Texas.